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a doodle :iconshattered-darknesss:Shattered-Darknesss 1 0
The Forgotten Years (C1)
“Emil!” A young girl with long silvery white hair and bright violet eyes called out. “Where are you?” She sounded annoyed as she walked around, looking for the boy she was yelling for. “I will take all of the coke and licorice for myself if you don't come and help me clean up!” She said a little louder than before as she walked into the living room. A small groan and rustle of moving cloth caught her attention and she moved her gaze to the couch facing away from her. “Got ya you idiot,” she said under her breath as she grabbed a pillow off of the reclining chair. She chucked it down on to the couch where the noise had come from and earned an annoyed groan.
A boy with the same hair and eye color as her popped his head up, rubbing his eyes sleepily. “You could've hit my head Lára,” he complained lazily. He wasn't supposed to have anything hitting his head as the doctors had told him.
“Don't you milk the concussion n
:iconshattered-darknesss:Shattered-Darknesss 12 2
The Forgotten Years (Prologue)
A cold white room with one window; flowers littered around in vases, placed upon any and every smooth surface. All of the flower's were fake, no one wanting anything that could die in the room. The only exception was a pale boy resting in a bed. The sheets were white, same as the room, and machines were hooked up to him. They beeped in a steady tone as the boy looked like he was sleeping. It had been a full month since the last time the beeping grew in speed or slowed down, the doctors had declared the boy as stable; they said he was out of the danger zone, but he could easily slip right back into it if he didn't wake up soon.
“We need to go,” A quiet voice said from the door to the boy's room. “You haven't slept in days,”
Another male, this one slightly less pale than the boy looked up from his position next to the bed. “I will stay right here until he wakes up... I don't want him to be confused..”
The person at the door, a man with fluffy blond hai
:iconshattered-darknesss:Shattered-Darknesss 10 10
Oh gosh, I cosplayed :iconshattered-darknesss:Shattered-Darknesss 31 27 Romania x Iceland (sketch) :iconshattered-darknesss:Shattered-Darknesss 13 3 Kanna :iconshattered-darknesss:Shattered-Darknesss 3 0
Reader x Iceland: Trapped
Emil watched a (H/C) haired girl run around a field trying to catch a yellow winged butterfly with a sleepy smile. She had a very serious look on her face and it made him want to laugh. He shook his head slightly and watched lazily as she tracked the butterfly around. She squealed in delight and Emil chuckled.
“Emil! I got him!” She called as she ran over to him, cupping her hands carefully.
“Oh you did?” He asked her. “Is that what that squeak was?”
She rolled her bright (E/C) eyes. “Just look, he’ll fly out as soon as I open my hands,”
Emil sighed. “Okay show me,”
She grinned and opened her hands. A small yellow butterfly flew out almost immediately, just like she said would happen. “I told you so,”
Emil smiled and shook his head. “You are the weirdest person I’ve ever met,”
She grinned and practically jumped on him.  “I know, but it’s why you love me,”
“Who told yo
:iconshattered-darknesss:Shattered-Darknesss 32 27
Reader x Human!Jayfeather: Colors
You slowly walked along the forest path holding hands with your boyfriend, Jay. He was blind and always acted like someone woke him up too early, but you loved him anyway. You especially loved the way his silvery gray hair fell just above his unseeing eyes. You bumped his shoulder with your own, gaining his attention. “Hey Jay?”
He turned his head in your direction. “Yeah?”
“I, uh, don’t know where I am.” You told the leafy ground.
He rolled his eyes. “Idiot” He tugged you along as if he could see. “Come on”
“H-hey! You might bump into something!” You squeaked.
“I am not going to bump into anything. I know where I am.” He snapped.
“Sorry” you mumbled. “I’m just not into being lost.”
“Well, with you leading us around being lost was accomplished.” He retorted.
“Shush. I don’t care” You stuck out your tongue for good measure, but the
:iconshattered-darknesss:Shattered-Darknesss 106 42
Link Hub for My 100 reader insert thingy
I'm doing this thing with 100 themes and reader inserts. ( I am not doing them in order. :\ )
This is the "home page"
I don't know.....
I'm going to be posting links to all of the stories here.
and if you want you can suggest a character for a theme if you think they fit :'D (I already have plans for some)
Not all characters have to be from animes. I've read/watched various TV shows.
Just comment and I'll let you know if I know them ~
Now for the themes and links: ( They are below )
:iconshattered-darknesss:Shattered-Darknesss 1 0
Reader x Romania: Magic
“Oh shush Roma!” You playfully yelled at the shy country.
“I don’t think I can.” Romania pouted, crossing his arms.
You smiled and walked over to him, poking his nose. “Of course you can.”
“Mmhmm whatever. That’s not even what I meant.” He uncrossed his arms and placed them on your shoulders and started to shake you gently. “How can you not believe in magic?”
You laughed. “Because I’m not a wand waving wizard,”
He stopped shaking you and gave you a stern look, knowing just where you were going. “Don’t you even-“
“Or a sparkly vampire.” You teased.
“Look vampires don’t ‘sparkle’ and I promise you that I’m not making it up!” He said as he poked your forehead.
“Then why don’t you burn up in the sun, screaming curses into the day?” You asked.
“Because I’m a country stupid.” Romania said as he rolled h
:iconshattered-darknesss:Shattered-Darknesss 74 28
Fandomstuck -Bartimaeus- :iconshattered-darknesss:Shattered-Darknesss 12 11
Reader X OC (Czech): I couldn't see [pt3 -End-]
Evžen was sleeping at his desk when his phone rang, waking him up with a start. He picked it up and saw that it was ____. His hands shook as he answered it. “Hello?”
“Hey, why weren’t you at school today?”
“Did you over sleep?”
“Are you okay?”
“I-I, uh, what….? Ugh, okay, you know what?”
“Meet me in the park by the school, okay?”
“Yeah, sure.”
Evžen pressed the end button and placed his phone down with shaky hands. “I thought she…. No… was it a dream…?” He whispered to himself.
In any case he got dressed in new clothes and walked the long walk to the park. He waited for five or six minutes before he saw ___ walking towards the park. She caught sight of him and waved, smiling.
Evžen felt tears prick his eyes again and walked up to her. “H-Hi”
___ looked at him with
:iconshattered-darknesss:Shattered-Darknesss 2 8
Reader X OC (Czech): I couldn't see [pt2]
Evžen shot out of his bed, his alarm blaring loudly in his ears. He took a shaky breath and grabbed his phone and turned off the noise. He noticed a text from ____ and sighed. He unlocked his phone and read it.
hey, sorry about yesterday. i shouldnt have asked. i hope you arent still mad! :’D
… well if you are i guess that face will only anger you more…
um… so have a hug?  >”)>
Evžen sighed again and answered.
It’s okay; I guess I was just tired.
Evžen stood and placed his phone back on the table just as her answer came back. ‘I’ll answer it later’ He thought as he padded lazily across his room to find clothing. He chose a random green T-shirt and blue jeans. He stood staring into his closet for a little while until his phone chirped again.
Evžen went over to it and picked it up, both were from ___.
Phew! im glad you arent mad! C:
Is there a test tomorrow? .3.
Evžen placed his phone into his pocket,
:iconshattered-darknesss:Shattered-Darknesss 2 2
Reader x OC (Czech): I couldn't see [pt1]
Evžen sighed as another perfectly scored paper was handed to him. The tests he took were getting easier and easier. Evžen was about to fold up his paper when a hand was rest on his desk. He looked up and found the (h/c) haired girl who sat next to him standing above his desk with a stupid grin plastered on her face. Evžen sighed. “Yes?”
“What’d you get on your test?” she asked, still grinning.
Evžen noticed the hidden paper behind the girl’s back. “Um, I suppose I got an okay grade.”
The girl laughed. “An okay grade, you got a perfect mark! I wouldn’t think that’s just okay.”
Evžen sighed and looked around the room, feeling weird. Not many people talked to him, most thought he was too nerdy or too cold. He pointed to her paper. “Well what did you get?”
The girl’s smile faltered for just a moment before he answered with another laugh. “I got a 67, it’s not that
:iconshattered-darknesss:Shattered-Darknesss 7 17
Have we forgotten...? :iconshattered-darknesss:Shattered-Darknesss 4 9 It sucked me in D: :iconshattered-darknesss:Shattered-Darknesss 2 26
You know you want to look. .3.

Random Favourites

Mature content
LatviaXReader:Trust Me :iconkyrstini:Kyrstini 42 14
A wild honda appeared :iconfangirl9606:fangirl9606 63 112 my little Bartimaeus (read description please) :iconsilverwolfygirl2:silverwolfygirl2 3 5 Horse Lineart 4 :iconilyana88:Ilyana88 494 136 SMILE -Finding Nemo as human :iconmarsbarrl:marsbarrl 2,067 557 APH Austria :iconlovienna:Lovienna 133 27 Source Of Life :iconkara-a:Kara-a 389 51
Iceland x Reader - Memories
You hadn't seen Emil in years. The last time you saw him, you were both small children ... after your house was infested with termites, Berwald offered to look after you ... and was taking you to one of the meetings that happened between the Nordic countries. You were excited, because that meant you could see Emil again ... only this time, as a grown man. You were standing on the doorstep with Berwald ... and you were becoming nervous
"Are you ready?" Berwald asked
You nodded
"I want to see him again so badly ..." You said smiling
Berwald opened the door. He went in first and you ventured inside, closing the door behind you. You followed Berwald to the room furthest from the front door. He opened it and you heard shouting
"For the last time, I'm not saying it!"
Before you could even register what happened, you had been knocked down onto the floor and there was a pair of beautiful ice blue eyes inches away from your (eye colour) ones. It was a man with short white hair ... and fair skin
:iconswiftninja91:SwiftNinja91 354 107
Hello Bartimaeus
Bartimaeus and Faquarl first meeting.
A Bartimaeus trilogy fanfiction.
May contain OOC. Please don't flag. I tried my best.
Faquarl's pov
It was painful! It always was.
Being pulled so violent from the Other Place to the human world was an experience I always hated and I will always hate. It's not only the pain, the way your essence is being gathered and separated from everyone else's, the worst is the humiliating part. How helpless you feel when you find yourself trapped in the cursed pentacle and have no other choice but to obey the weakling sitting on the other one.
I contemptuously looked at the small human in front of me as he gave me his orders. I had taken the form of a tall and muscular black-skinned human myself, wanting to demonstrate even further the difference in our power. I didn't want to look completely human though so I had also added two big horns and a serpent black tail.
The hu
:iconsilverwolfygirl2:silverwolfygirl2 4 6
The Volunteer Song - APH
"So he's got a lay-off?" Tereza asked and moved a hat on her head on the side. She hated so much that awful red ribbon with white strip tied around its circuit, although the hat itself was one of her favourites. When Austria will not be nearby, she will undo it, burn it and throw ash into Vltava.
"Well, technically he was just abadoned to do a lectures, but when you say it like this... it's the same, I think." Milan had a hat too, but different, and without ribbon. He was wearing it very often last time, as with traditional clothes, so with urban clothes, like those he was wearing right now. Hungary discarded it so many times, and Slovak so many times saved it from huge pile of clothes of Serbia, Croatia, Romania and others.
Elizaveta was in the last time really relentless. More and more often she was showing to her roomates that they are inferiors, that they are outlanders, and in Milan's case, that they even are not. She didn't want to talk with them in other as Hu
:icondokudoki:DokuDoki 1 1
Rendez Vous part 4 :iconwerol:werol 401 19
Hong Kong x Reader ~Short and Sweet~
~Short and Sweet~
"Harder, ___________!"
"I can't…! It's not the same! This is totally different! Why does this have to be so hard?"
"It wouldn't be so hard if you would just let me take over!"
"N-No! I came here to learn how to do this so I'm going to finish it!"
Leon sighed and decided to sit back and watch you work for just a little longer before deciding that your strength was already starting to diminish. Plus, you weren't even doing it right.
"Like, move, _________," he grunted and pushed you across the counter and began kneading your uneven dough. While you watched him, you crossed your arms and began to observe as he kneaded the bread dough a few times before slamming it against the table. Then, he continued to repeat the process without the slightest effort. It looked so easy. Why couldn't you do it like him?
"Leon, I think I've got it this time," you said reaching out your eager hands hoping to get a chance to redeem yourself.
"You sure?" Leon asked
:icongydrozmaa:GydroZMaa 248 135
HKPan :iconpastanotwar:PastaNotWar 25 20 A Little Kiss? :iconmeiko-taka:meiko-taka 266 33 GxP as human :iconmarsbarrl:marsbarrl 690 38 I just smile :iconhorber95:horber95 5,136 854


a doodle
My last post on here. I thought I'd post something I did a few days ago. Just showing how far I've come with my art ; v ; 
Come follow me on tumblr though! 
I have pretty much quit DA. Come follow me on Tumblr! :D <3
I will be posting more art soon. 

I just have to apply to colleges and stuff. 


and Tumblr has taken me over u.u

I would link you guys to my tumblr, but I am going to change the url soon. 

and I want to change this one too--

but yeah. 

I can't ene
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